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Hospodárské Noviny

Although the newspaper’s name removes any doubt regarding its subject matter –Hospodárské Noviny means “financial news” in Czech–, its directors decided to open up and allow non-financial news items to occupy its pages. When the Internet began to take subscribers away, it was considered a good time to make it more accessible. It therefore decided to refresh the image of the Czech Republic’s leading financial newspaper. To increase its audience without losing its high-end character, the graphics of the paper were given a complete overhaul. As well as bringing modernity and elegance, the didactic and analytical focus on the news was enhanced, making the paper more accessible but no less popular.

  • Edited in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Format 313 x 452 mm
  • Company Economia
"It is important that a newspaper adapts to the latest trends"

Petr Simunek Editor-in-Chief